This blog is the companion to my book Faith without Labels: A Guide to Eclectic Spirituality, which is now available on Amazon. It touches on subjects included in the book as well as my opinion on matters spiritual and mundane.Published cover -- ebook

Over the years I’ve studied and practiced Christianity (Presbyterian, Southern Baptist and Catholic), Wicca and Buddhism. Rather than discarding entire belief systems as I moved on to the next, I amalgamated my “variety of religious experiences” into a cohesive spiritual world view. This resulting faith, which I call “Eclectic Spirituality,” is comprised of what I consider to be the better parts of each of the above-mentioned religions and philosophies. Moreover, I believe it to be greater than the sum of its parts because it is uniquely tailored to my spiritual needs.

I soon realized that my task was not only to tell my story, but to encourage readers to examine their own beliefs. So, in addition to my spiritual memoir, my book includes a comprehensive workbook designed to help them analyze what they believe, what works for them and what doesn’t, identify gaps and, finally, create a roadmap to their own authentic eclectic spiritual path.

I invite you to help me make this site a community where readers can interact with me and with each other. So please feel free to: