If your favorite word is “free,” read on!

I met author, health coach, Reiki and BKP kinesiology practitioner James Duignam at a spiritual event several months ago. Actually, I thrust my business card at him and said, “Please call me!” when someone mentioned that he was writing a book about reincarnation. Fortunately, he didn’t think that I was a total lunatic. Or perhaps he did, but he took a chance and called me anyway.

James told me that his book had been professionally edited and that he planned to publish it in the coming weeks, but that he would let me take a look at it first. While I did make some edits, mainly I savored James’s unique, holistic perspective on reincarnation, our current lives and mental, physical and spiritual health.

I’m pleased to announce that James published Soular Return: Soulutions For Body, Mind, And Soul last weekend and is offering the Kindle edition for free until the Friday the 29th midnight PST.  (You can read it on any device with the free Kindle app.)

The Amazon overview reads:

Soular Return means “soul return.” A soul that has returned (reincarnated) for its development and evolution in human form. Beginning with Part I, James describes the seminal events that shaped his life that led him to become a health coach and his interest into holistic health. From there he explores the soul and reincarnation. In Part II, James discusses Self-discovery, and offers recommendations for Change, Transformation, and Transmutation, before ending with his understanding of the Creator. Part III, provides an overview of the body and mind—the multidimensional human being who exists on the physical and metaphysical planes simultaneously, comprised of subtle energy bodies and energy systems. Part IV, concludes by offering “soulutions” to support the body, mind, and soul.

Key points discussed include:
• The Soul and Reincarnation (Soular Return).
• Self-discovery.
• The Creator.
• The Body, Mind, and Human Energy Fields.
• Soulutions to support the Body, Mind, and Soul.

On a deeper level, James believes that it is a time of transition and transformation, to a new age of consciousness. A time for cooperation and community, for working together, for opening our hearts, and living from the higher Self, our soul, instead of the fear-based ego and intellect. And now is our time to shine.

Please claim your free copy today and ask your friends and family to do the same. And please don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon after you’re finished.

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