Shine On

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

I consider Eclectic to be a sacred space where I attempt to articulate my beliefs, share thoughtful and thought-provoking spiritual posts from other Seekers and encourage readers to participate in “community building” through the Comments section.

This week, a dear friend forwarded something that, after a little research, I believe is from this website, which states:

We are women and men, ages 18 to 85, looking for a personal connection with the Divine—one free from rules and formal religion. We want a sense of community, more joy in our lives, and wish to be of service during this time of radical change on our planet. The Great Council of the Grandmothers first appeared in 1996 as Sharon McErlane walked her dog. “The world is in grave danger,” they said, “and we will not allow its destruction. For too long Yang or masculine energy, has dominated life on earth, causing feminine energy to become deficient and weak. We have come to restore Yin to full beauty/power and return the world to balance. We are calling you to this work.”

I’m posting the essay that my friend sent me below. While the term “Net of Light” isn’t one that I had encountered before, the essence of the message is consistent with my core beliefs in the Feminine Divine and in our responsibility as Seekers to share our “light” through service to others. I hope that you find comfort and inspiration in these words. If you’re so moved, please let me know what you think in the Comments section.

You Have Work to Do
Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers
“Many are aware of us now, work with us, and spread our message of empowerment to others. Because the need for Light on Earth is greater now than it has ever been, we are calling, asking you to connect to us, or to any form of the Divine you love. We ask you to awaken to the Divine connection within all of us and live your life as brightness itself. We ask you to shine.
We ask that you hold to the Light within you.  We ask that you do this and more. Hold. For we also ask you hold to the great Net of Light that is anchoring and supporting the Earth. From now on there will be a great deal of shaking. This shaking, rocking and rolling that we mentioned several years ago will become a fact of life. The world as you have known it is shifting. You will hear about it, read about it, and you will experience it in your own life. There will be upheavals of every sort as foundations crumble. All over the globe, governments, institutions, and nations will crack.
You, however, can hold steady by holding to the Light within you and to the Net of Light that enfolds this world.  Taking this action will support the Earth and all the life upon it. The Net of Light is fully operative now. It is working at full strength and will hold all beings–all people, animals, plants, minerals-it will hold the very Earth itself.
Listen to our words. At this time there is no ‘safe place’ as change is occurring everywhere on the Earth.  You will find safety when you turn to the Truth and Integrity within your own being.  THIS is your foundation and it is within you.
Weigh carefully how much attention you pay to the outer world. If you allow fear to hold sway over your life, you will lose sight of your task at hand. Your leaders will disappoint you and your old beliefs and mental constructs will fall by the wayside. We know that this process is shocking to you, but if you fasten your attention too tightly on the world around you, you will be shocked over and over again. Few people walk in Truth and Light.  Now is the hour for you to walk in yours. 
As you go about your days, do all you can to help each other. If an opportunity comes to you to serve others, take it! Whenever you talk, speak your Truth in a loving way and embrace those whose path may differ from yours. Condemn no one.We know this sounds like a large order, but you can do it quite easily if you stay connected to the Net of Light.
You have work to do. Call on the Net of Light and connect to it through your heart. Then let the jewel of your heart radiate throughout its strands. When you do this you will magnify the work of the Net of Light and the Net will hold you steady. From your position on the Net of Light, send
Light to others. The Net will support you, and each time you connect to it, you will become a beacon for many.
Never underestimate the good you do each time you remember the Divineeach time you remember who you really are. Now is not the moment to hold back, to distrust the power and presence within you and deny your Divine connection. You have work to do. We ask you to call on the Net of Light now and do it!”






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