Conversations with Angels, Part II

In my previous post, Conversations with Angels, Part II provided a brief, high-level overview of angels from a historical and cross-theological perspective. Today, I will share my first-hand experience with angels from my yet-to-be-published book Faith without Labels — A Guide to Eclectic Spirituality (projected publication date February 2018). I’ll also examine the enormous popularity of current publications and authors which/who focus largely or entirely on angels.

A year or so ago, I started having regular sessions with Joy*, a medium/intuitive angel healer. I first saw her out of sheer desperation. I was going through a particularly brutal bout with the migraines over which my doctors were powerless. I knew and trusted the owner of the metaphysical book and supplies shop where Joy practices twice a week, and I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying this alternative healing solution.

It’s difficult for me to explain what my sessions with Joy are like. Directed by angels, she hones in on areas of the body that are causing pain and/or disease. On countless occasions, I have been shocked by how she unerringly zones in on a spot at the base of my skull, my back or even one of my toes, sends healing energy to or through that area and it relieves or minimizes the pain in a totally different location. Sometimes, the energy sessions are accompanied by very specific health instructions from the angels about dietary choices, exercise or even attitude adjustments.

Initially, I thought that, as a psychic/intuitive, Joy was “just” picking up cues from my brain. The thought that she was actually communicating with angels seemed rather fantastic to me since I had no point of reference. (Author’s note: See Conversations with Angels, Part I.)

My belief in angels stems directly from my sessions with Joy. She would often tell me that she had a message for me from a particular angel. When she realized that I had some level of psychic ability, she began asking me if I knew which angel wanted to communicate with me. On the most notable occasion, she said that an angel had indicated that he wanted to work with me, then asked me if I knew who it was. I immediately started seeing purple, so I said, “Purple, purple.” She just nodded and asked if I was “getting” a name. I was not, so she asked if I was getting a letter. I said, “J.” She confirmed that his name was Jeremiel, an Archangel who, among other things, helps people with life changes. When I got home, I looked Jeremiel up on the internet and learned that his aura is “eggplant” and that the gemstone associated with him is amethyst. Since that session, I have been working closely with him on changes on my diet, exercise and a life-altering career change.

I was somewhat surprised by how quickly my spiritual worldview expanded to include celestial beings. For me, the proof really was in the pudding. I started making the physical, spiritual and emotional adjustments suggested during my sessions with Joy and things began to shift in a positive way. After meditating, I started having conversations with specific angels, and I received answers. On occasion, the answers were clear, complete and immediate, usually in impressions rather in words. Other times, the answer arrived like a beautifully wrapped present.©

Faith without Labels — A Guide to Eclectic Spirituality© (projected publication date February 2018), Judie Anne Sigdel

*Name has been changed

As wondrous as they are, my experiences are far from unique. Angels on Earth, a bi-monthly magazine published by Guideposts, which was founded by Norman Vincent Peale, has shared “true, inspirational” accounts of modern-day angelic assistance for decades.

While Angels on Earth has a decidedly Christian tone, Doreen Virtue‘s are more New Age despite the fact that she is a “born-again Christian of the Episcopal/Anglican faith.” This New Age feel stems from the fact that Virtue, who has published over 50 books and 25 card decks, claims to communicate directly with angels and teaches others to do the same, which is something that mainstream Christianity doesn’t promote. According to her website, “In January 2017, following a profound life-changing vision experience of Jesus, Doreen shifted her teaching to focus more upon the Holy Trinity and scripture.”

According to Hay House (which is also Doreen Virtue’s publisher), “…at just 28, Kyle [Gray] is one of the most hip and sought-after experts in his field. With his unique ability to stay grounded and keep it real, he reintroduces the idea of angels and spirituality in an accessible way and believes he can bring ancient spiritual knowledge across in a modern way to help the reader of today.” Kyle is a heavily tattooed yoga instructor who is wildly charismatic while remaining totally unpretentious. Like Virtue, Gray has authored a number of best-selling books on angels and angelic divination decks.

Virtue and Gray both have very simple, direct, accessible writing styles. In addition to their published works, each has posted an impressive library of YouTube videos.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and Conversations with Angels, Part IThis brief overview of angels is in no means meant to be exhaustive. As always, I would love to hear your opinions and experiences! So please feel  free to share in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Conversations with Angels, Part II

  1. Soul Gifts

    Following her recent experience, does Doreen now espouse mainstream Christianity as opposed to her previous more ‘New Age’ focus? Someone did mention DV had been ‘born again’. I had made a comment about her Angel Tarot deck and was told she would under no circumstances condone such a practice now? Just curious… I went to one of her shows during an Australian tour quite some years ago. It was an interesting experience.
    One of my great nieces, when very young, was involved in a car accident in which the vehicle plunged into a river. She told her mother at the time that a pretty fairy had helped her out of the car. Angels on assignment, stepping in during a life threatening event…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judie Sigdel

      Thank you so much for this excellent question! This blog post ( supposedly provides an overview of Doreen’s video (no longer on YouTube) which explains “what’s in” and “what’s out” now that she has been born again. There’s also a thread on a tarot forum that speaks to her conversion:

      I noticed that her conversion and the repercussions are just a footnote on her own site (more about focusing on Jesus than about what’s going to happen to her previously published books and decks) and a one-liner on her Hay House bio.

      I would have liked to have seen her in person.

      I love the story about great niece. Thank you so much for sharing this! From the mouths of babes… “A pretty fairy…” ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Soul Gifts

        I find the whole DV thing fascinating, leaving me with more questions than answers, even after looking at those links you provided (thanks)
        I have read and heard many who have had profound angel experiences, usually in times of crisis or life threatening situations. There are some really interesting books around full of such stories.


  2. Judie Sigdel

    You’re welcome.

    Me, too. She is receiving a tremendous amount of criticism from the New Age community. While I understand where the critics are coming from, I don’t side with them. Her path seems to have lead her to mainstream Christianity. If that’s where she belongs, then I’m happy for her.

    I, too, love the stories about angelic encounters. ❤


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