Auspicious Birth — Part III

I hope that my regular readers are enjoying this series about bardo, the “transitional” state between lives. As you know, I am reprinting it with permission from a scholarly work entitled Auspicious Birth by Master Shi Zhiguo, a contemporary Chinese monk. For authenticity, as well as for the convenience of any subscribers who read Chinese, I am including …

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Auspicious Birth — Part I

This is the second post in a series about bardo, an “in between” or “transitional” state between lives. It is from a scholarly work by a contemporary Chinese monk, Master Shi Zhiguo, entitled Auspicious Birth. As you can see, I am including the Chinese source as well as the English translation. For additional background and context, please read Auspicious …

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In addition to my meditation apps and gadgets, I have a virtual Sangha of like-minded seekers who I met online. I consider some of the people who have interacted with this blog to be members of this "e-Sangha." Others include online friends I have known for years who share their experience with Buddhism and other spiritual practices and support me on my quest.